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The Free Tee Story

FreeTee is an intellectual property that had its first debut at the 2023 Global Licensing Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. After sitting in an incubator since 2021, Freetee exploded onto the scene at the international licensing conference of 12,000 attendees. 


Drawing attention from many Expo attendees, FreeTee has gained steady traction projecting it into the fashion scene in a disruptive wave of creativity for all t-shirt manufacturers, designers and brands.  It's not if the world has changed since the first patent of the t-shirt, it's where will your brand be in the newest evolution of the t-shirt? 


A creative work by 21 Jewels, LLC, FreeTee is the newest Patent approved evolution of the t-shirt. Created for the purpose of general apparel for multigenerational, multicultural and multipurpose use for self-expression, unique messaging and expressive fashion that represents a free flowing frontal exposure of the neck, chest and abdomen to allow body art, tattoos, physical physique, jewelry, belly bumps and other forms of self-expression to be exposed during the use of the FreeTee t-shirt. 


The "Patent Approved" design demonstrates a full frontal open edge design t-shirt consistent with any traditional t-shirt material worn for casual wear, athletic apparel, youth apparel and adult apparel. The New T-shirt design, "FreeTee," is a novel twist on the traditional t-shirt. The self-expressive open frontal design enhances and promotes undergarments such as sport bras and tanks and works well with layering. FreeTee can be rocked with short or long T-shirts and jerseys as well. 


But wait, there’s more. FreeTee has six additional patent approved designs with various opening patterns for a strong intellectual property that includes a registered USPTO Trademark designation. The total intellectual property has fourteen approved patent designs with up to twenty-eight practical fashion applications covering the evolution of the t-shirt for generations to come including the digital fashion world. 


The evolutionary design creates a new messaging format for the t-shirt allowing fashionable looks for colleges, athletics, workout messaging, branding messages, body piercing, physical physique and body art at a time when the culture, students, athletics and the world is ready to embrace the new t-shirt. The world has changed since 1913! Why hasn’t the t-shirt? 


At FreeTee, we call it the "3rd Option!” V neck, crew neck and now the 3rd Option, FreeTee (short or long sleeve). If you are interested in the "3rd Option" for your brand contact us for further information about licensing this evolutionary fashion design. 


Tamiko Arnold, Founder

21 Jewels, LLC

"The world has changed since 1913, why hasn't the T-shirt?"

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